RTV3-translucent TDS

Operation Instructions

Step 1: Prepare the desired molds : Prepare a desired mold and clean it before operation.


Make sure the desired molds and operation tools were cleaned up to avoid uncured problem. ( Suggest to use stainless steel or wooden material mixer. )

Step 2: Take amount Part A :100 g / Part B :100 g ( or Part A : 100 g and Part B :10 g ) and mix evenly.


  • Weigh the two part exactly by electronic weight. If any part not in exactly weight, it may cause changing o of hardness, or even cause uncured problem.

  • Mix part A and part B evenly.

Step 3: Vacuum the mixed material. ( This step must less than 10 minutes. Otherwise, it will cause cross linking reaction, might cure too fast. )

Step 4: Pouring casting.


  •  For simple mold, just to pour the vacuumed material into mold, cured will be 8-12 hours.* For fine designmold, to         brush the liquid silicone on mold surface then pour the silicone into mold. This will make the casing                             properly.

Step 5: Demold.