What makes Platinum cure silicone not cure

If your silicone is not curing, make sure to not have any contact between the uncured silicone and the following substances:
· Tin (Sn): Are present in for example 1 component silicone ahesives (condensation curing) as well as 2 component condensation curing silicones. Also present in some types of PVC plastic.
· Nitrogen coumponds such as amides, amines, nitriles, cyanates etc.
· Sulphur compounds: Present is for example latex, natural rubber, neoprene, PVC, wood, oils and some solvents. Consider the types of protective gloves you are using when working with a platinum-catalyzed silicones and not using a wooden spatula to mix it.
· Some metals such as silver, tin, lead and mercury.
· Some epoxies and polyurethanes.